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Rewatch Begins 8 October

Definitely Not Tokyo is going to host a rewatch of Magic Knight Rayearth starting this coming Monday the 8th of October.

Each Monday, we will post the titles of the two episodes we shall watch that week. You have the full week to watch them and join the conversation. Some weeks we will have a day and time set aside for a live chat discussion of the episode as we watch it together.

If you are interested in joining us, please venture over to this post on Definitely Not Tokyo for more information and fill out the poll at the bottom of the post, so we can better determine days and times that would be most convenient to host chats.

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New Fic: Prophylactic

I come bearing crack fic to add to the community as well.

Title: Prophylactic
Author: milieva
Characters/Pairing: Umi, Fuu, Hikaru (Umi/Clef)
Rating: Teen
Summary: While waiting for Umi to finish packing for their next trip to Cephiro, Fuu notices something unexpected sitting with her friend's bag.

“Umi-san, why do you have these?” Fuu asked, holding up the small colourful box that had been sitting beside Umi’s bag.

Click to read more.
MKR : Umi in pink dress
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Cephiro, where your will determines all... Well, something like that.

I know this community is this close to just being dead, but that makes me sad to think about, so I'll pretend it's still fun and active. Yesterday I wandered back over here because I am trying to rebuilt the link list on my Rayearth website I am about to relaunch. I hadn't seen much on my f-list, I wondered how active things were. Much to my surprised I see the little link button for my old Rayearth forum in the layout.

I commented on our mod's recent entry saying it should be taken down because registration had been closed for years and the coding and database were all terribly outdated. Then I thought better of it. I thought, Why don't I update and reopen it? No matter how long it has been, there are always new and old Rayearth fans that want to chat.

So, the forum has been overhauled, though any old visitors might notice little to no change, as the layout is still the same (just updated as well). Come by and visit. Registration is open. The answer to registration question is simply Zagato, but that's rather obvious from the question.

There's been a little discussion about restarting the rewatch if anyone is interested. Details to come.
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Tis me again!

With satisfying results like I hoped they would be. Dead as we may, kinda, be at least let us look pretty and be workable even in death. ;P

1. We have a new layout and header. I hope you guys like's one I also use on my LJ due to much much prettiness. <3

2. Only one person answered my last post...well, guess I kinda expected that since MKR is old and people don't really seem to be spending much time on LJ anymore. I still have hope that you'll all use this comm though.

3. I actually went and tagged everything that was notable. Icons, fiction. If you look at the sidebar it's all there for easy tracking. I hope you all will use them from now on appropriately of course!
Also deleted old merchandise posts and broken links so it's cleaner now.

4. We are now also on Dreamwidth, looking just the same as we do here. I imported even the Flexible Squares layout of LJ.


If you're also there, feel free to join and...uh, whatever other options are available to follow over there. *still a little foggy on the issue*

That being all said and done, I hope I'll get to see more activity around here from y'all 200+ members or I'm gonna make it myself. xP
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*shuffles forward*

Hi! It's me probably know me as I tend to kinda adore this fandom be very active around here! :D

Apparently I am now also your friendly neighborhood mod. veni PMed me for the job and I gladly accepted so...I'm sure that we'll get along swimmingly. Hope to see you all around more as this wonderful fandom definitely needs more love.

For now I have four five goals.

1. New layout. Maybe even a nice moodtheme. A new icon. There are plenty to choose from. :D
2. Getting you guys to answer this post so you can tell me what you'd like to see from me (and of course this comm) in the future. I'd like some suggestions! <3
3. Tagging every post I can get my hands on. I'll keep the system simple and easy so everyone can find icons, vids, fanart. The works.
4. Deleting dead posts and dead links. No need to get people excited over nothing.

...I'm sure that there was a fifth idea but I can't seem to remember.

Uh. Uhm. I'll be posting lots of things. From tumblr, from pixiv. Just to keep the comm alive...AH, I REMEMBERED MY FIFTH POINT!

5. I will also be moving this comm to Dreamwidth as well! Of course, we'll still be on LJ too but I'll x-post entries and comments there as well so if you guys want to follow mk_rayearth there, you can do so from now on.

Hopefully I'll get things done in two days tops.

Until then - can I get some suggestions in this post? Yay? ...Nay? :DDDD
(MKR) H&amp;L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome

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*peeks in* Hi~ :D

I bring you MKR manga flavored bases since I haven't been artsy in a long time!
(textless bases - meaning everything - are icons in themselves so please do not alter, kay? <3)

Hope you enjoy!

[215] Magic Knight Rayearth

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beautiful people under this fake cut!
Renji Abarai

Princess Emeraude Plush for sale! <3

I'm parting with my original Emeraude UFO plush MWT. There are no flaws as far as I can see, she is in amazing condition for her age! I want her to go to another fan/collector as sadly due to college expenses and lack of space, I am getting rid of a lot of my anime collection. I am located in the UK but will ship overseas as long as you can pay by PayPal ^^ I am open to offers for her <3