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12 February 2010 @ 04:32 pm
MKR RPG party! ...of sorts  
Hello everyone!
This is a little announcement to let any MKR fans with RPG journals out there know that the game polychromatic will be having a 4th wall event all through the weekend. What does this mean to you? Our MKR cast will post entries and be open to tags from character journals, personal LJs, etc. Fourth wall demolition is GO and our characters will love to be poked by any MKR muses you may have.

13-14; 4th Wall Weekend
This weekend is filled with love and affection. But take care when going outside, for those who know vastly more than the denizens of the City are on the prowl. They giggle, they squee, they make moony eyes. Run, don’t walk, and make sure them doors are locked. [Personal journals, dropped characters, double characters, not-in-game characters, etc. can bust in on current characters, but please troll respectfully and heed any OOC notes in entries. Characters can stay to celebrate Chinese New Year on the 14th!]

Umi, Fuu, Clef and Mokona are present in that game and open to be poked. We're expecting the attendance of Presea, Ascot, Hikaru, Sang Yung and Tatra, and hoping so bad for a Ferio it hurts. *A* Of course multiples of any character are perfectly fine. ♥ We hope to gather a really interesting MKR group and perhaps even convince you to app and stay as Poly regulars. 8D

So please feel free to have your character show up. We'll be glad to play with you!

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