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Hey there~ I hope this is allowed but I was just looking to see if I could find any Rayearth rp'ers interested in this new game that starts July 1st! I think they'd really fit in~ We have a few other CLAMP characters but I'd really like to see some more!

I hid it behind the cut for your convenience.

A LiveJournal RPG

Vanishing Point:
n 1: the point beyond which something disappears or ceases to
2: the appearance of a point on the horizon at which parallel
lines converge.

Through an act of Fate, your timeline has vanished. It has been judged damaged and has been taken out of commission until the time when it can be repaired. Whether you are the flaw that must be mended or destroyed in order to get the timeline up and running again will be determined through the trials that Fate puts you through. If you pass your trials then you and your timeline will be mended.

If you fail…everything you once knew will cease to exist, and you shall dwell in the Vanishing Point, outside of time with no place to go

Until the time that Fate deems your timeline in well enough working order to be set back on its correct track, you—the anomaly—will reside with Fate on her island. Separated from all timestreams and all lands, this island is maintained by the daughters of Fate who will judge your past, present and future. It is only by their hand that your Fate will change.

Welcome to the Vanishing Point

Your characters timeline has become flawed. In order to fix what has gone awry, Fate has taken them out of the timeline and decommissioned it until it can be repaired. In the meantime, your character—who is either the catalyst of the flaw or has come in contact with it—has been turned over to the Daughters of Fate for safekeeping (or destruction) until the timeline can be repaired.

The Vanishing Point is located on the Island of Fate or Isola de Sorte, which is a place that rest outside of time and space. While there, they will be put through a series of events and trials to determine whether they have merely been infected by the flaw in the timeline and will be repaired or if they are the flaw themselves and will be destroyed.

Vanishing Point is a multi-fandom rp that allows characters from anime/manga, books, television, movies and video games. We currently do not allow OCs or RPF characters, nor characters based on historical figures or directly from mythology.

Gameplay starts on July 1, 2010 and we are currently accepting applications. Please feel free to take a look around and check out the important links below. Feel free to contact the moderators for any questions.
The Communities

vanishingrp The Main Community ||||vanishinglog The Log Community |||| vprpooc The OOC Commutnity ||| vanishingmod Moderator Profile

Useful Links and Information

Community Archive || Rules|| Further Information || Game Information || Locations ||Applications || Taken Characters || Character Reservations || Wanted Characters || Friend Add/Remove || Hiatus/Drop Notification || Affiliates ||

Moderators: Clotho☆weavingthread Lachesis☆measuringthread Atropos☆cutting_thread

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