Rexy or Jenny (snarecrazi) wrote in mk_rayearth,
Rexy or Jenny

Season 1 and 2 and fuu doll

Tags: merchandise

  • Princess Emeraude Plush for sale! <3

    I'm parting with my original Emeraude UFO plush MWT. There are no flaws as far as I can see, she is in amazing condition for her age! I want her to…

  • Hello everyone :'D

    Hi, community, I'm new here...I was kinda happy to find a Rayearth community that wasn't dead, haha. Anyway, I'm Sophie, and as you might guess my…

  • Rayearth dolls(5/5 NOW ON EBAY) I still have 3 items left from the magic knight rayearth sega doll line. I really need to sell these since i have the…

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