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Title: Matchmaker Woes
Rating: K
Timeline/spoilers: anime episode 38 – fountain scene, manga – Mokona's role 
Pairing: Hikaru x Lantis
Summary: Drabble. Both parties were supposed to progress without the matchmaker hovering over them. In this case - the keyword was SUPPOSED.

It was hard playing matchmaker. Sometimes, Mokono thought that creating a world was easier, especially when it came to Lantis and Hikaru.
Hikaru in particular. She could take enough steps in the wrong direction for both of them. Such as forgetting her confession.
Lucky for him, Lantis – once his mind was made up – was not the type to take detours, so Mokona puued away, to all appearances playing chase with the birds, but in reality to make himself scarce.
That’s what matchmakers did – create opportunities then fade into the background…
But for Hikaru, maybe an extra push was still necessary.
1: Hi guys, nice to meet ya all and hearts to the community for rekindling my love of MKR and HxL - which started ages ago with the manga - to the point of re-watching the whole of season 2 again.

2: I love Mokona’s comic moments in the anime, especially how he’s waaay obvious about obstructing Primera and pairing Hikaru with Lantis. Without Mokona, they’ll never get anywhere. XD
Tags: drabble, fanfiction, hikaru, hikaru/lantis, lantis, mokona

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