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Tis me again!

With satisfying results like I hoped they would be. Dead as we may, kinda, be at least let us look pretty and be workable even in death. ;P

1. We have a new layout and header. I hope you guys like's one I also use on my LJ due to much much prettiness. <3

2. Only one person answered my last post...well, guess I kinda expected that since MKR is old and people don't really seem to be spending much time on LJ anymore. I still have hope that you'll all use this comm though.

3. I actually went and tagged everything that was notable. Icons, fiction. If you look at the sidebar it's all there for easy tracking. I hope you all will use them from now on appropriately of course!
Also deleted old merchandise posts and broken links so it's cleaner now.

4. We are now also on Dreamwidth, looking just the same as we do here. I imported even the Flexible Squares layout of LJ.


If you're also there, feel free to join and...uh, whatever other options are available to follow over there. *still a little foggy on the issue*

That being all said and done, I hope I'll get to see more activity around here from y'all 200+ members or I'm gonna make it myself. xP
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