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WHAT WE HAVE: Fuu, Umi, Eagle, Primera and Tatra.
WHAT WE WANT: HIKARU ♥ (rather badly), Ferio, Clef, Lantis, Ascot, Caldina, Geo, Zazu, Princess Emeraude, Zagato, ANYONE.

WHAT YOU GET: This is IJ, so you have 100 icons in a free account. Icons too, if you need them. Plus our love. 8D;

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Hey guys,

Fan of MKR here, my favorite character is Umi. Man this was a great anime, awesome world,cool plot,

interesting characters, had it all too bad bad there werent any mermaids in the anime though <_<

Been watching anime since I was 4.Other anime/manga I like are; Pichi Pichi Pitch(absolute favorite),Wedding Peach,Cutey Honey,Vampire Princess Miyu,Seto No Hanayome,SailorMoon,Excel Saga, Aika, Elfen Lied,Slayers,Steel Angel Kurumi,Ikki Tousen,Battle Club to name some!

Hope to befriend some of you!


[lol] umi nyah~! :P

One more time, with feeling

Okay, let's try this again. I know I've pestered this comm a gajillion times, but here you have me, again calling all potential MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH RPers.

KISEKI RPGhas a Fuu, an Umi and a Princess Emeraude. Is in need of a HIKARU and a FERIO or whoever you'd like to app. The game is slow-paced, laid back and really comfortable to follow, especially if you're playing in a big game already and need somewhere calmer to relax. Not to mention it's full of CLAMP dorks who'd love to have you.

polychromatic has a Hikaru, an Umi, a MKR!Mokona and a Clef. Is in dire need of a FUU, and any character you'd like to bring would be much loved too. Don't let the size of the game intimidate you: it's fun, dynamic and players are quite friendly. Our MKR cast is small but very strong and active. We'd love to plot with you and introduce you to everyone.

I can offer bases and to color icons if you need them. There'll be so much flailing over any character you decide to bring to either game. ♥ So please consider apping! We'd love to have you.