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Enter Cephiro...

Magic Knight Rayearth!
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♥ ~Rules~ ♥
♥ ~Welcome~ ♥
♥ ~Useful Links!~ ♥
1. Anything you post here must be somehow related to Magic Knight Rayearth. I mean...how could we properly fangirl otherwise?
2. All stories over 100 words must be placed under an LJ-cut. Same goes for large icon batches, banners, fanart etc. You get the picture.
3. Proper warnings on anything NSFW. Take into consideration that LJ have members from 13 up and while I know that 13 year olds these days know more than I did when I was 13 *snort* let's just keep it safe for everyone. Kinks, smut, mature content, character deaths etc etc - warned please!
4. Stories should contain:

...for all our sakes please!
5. Everyone can add tags for their entries. Please try to choose appropriately y/y?
6. Fanart must be sourced from now on. Please let's think of the original artists before we spread unknown pretties around the net. If you don't know where you got your fanart, you can always use Google Images or Saucenao or whatever other search engines available. Also, you CAN post as long as you're asking for sources from the community. I'm sure we can help somehow.
7. If you want to talk, talk
If you want to argue constructively, please do so.
But please let's not start shipping wars or character hate?
♥ and let ♥!
Hello y'all and welcome to mk-rayearth, a community dedicated to one of CLAMP's most loved animanga series!

We around here try as best a possible to offer pretty tributes to MKR and if you've stumbled upon our comm, then you're probably ready to join us. Do it. Spread the love! ;P

Not much to say other than HAVE FUN AND FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND and possibly contribute with your own share of pretty tributes. We'll be glad to cheer for you...pom-poms and all that jazz!